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“All-purpose Self Therapy” to save medical expenses

In Seitai, “Steamed Towel Method” is one of the most important methods for caring by yourself. This is also called, “All-purpose Self-Therapy.”

Meaning of Pain

As part of your body stiffens due to bruises, fatigue, etc., the flow gets worse, it gets cold. So the body attempts to restore the flow by expanding and refreshing the blood vessels by making eicosanoids; fever/pain producing substances.

Therefore, basically if you cool down or stop the pain with analgesics (pain killers), you will interfere with the metabolism and more or less leave some stiffness in the body, which may become “an old wound.” Warming up with the Steamed Towel Method helps to promote the blood circulation, which will alleviate the pain. It may sound like a surprise, but this is because the “pain” becomes unnecessary.

Steamed Towel Method

Principle of the Steamed Towel Method

This method firstly stimulates the sympathetic nerve and contracts the blood vessels by applying a steamed towel with “slightly higher temperature than comfortable”. Then as it gets cold and becoming comfortable, the parasympathetic nerve is stimulated, and blood vessels are dilated. By repeating this several times, it promotes the pumping action of the blood vessel itself. This significantly improves blood flow, excretion of waste products and metabolism. Obviously, the contract-expand movement of the surrounding cells is also promoted at this time.

Additionally, since your skin is directly exposed to steam, sweating would immediately begin as pores are opened. Along with perspiration, waste products are excreted from the skin. Therefore, Steamed Towel Method must be applied directly on your skin.

Basics of the Steamed Towel Method

– Prepare one thick towel which is about 85 cm × 35 cm.

– Fold the towel in a size somewhat larger than the palm of your hand.

– Immerse in water and squeeze it leaving moisture to the extent that water does not drip.

– Heat that up. When it is too hot, let it cool to the temperature in order not to scald.

→ use a microwave … heat up for 60 to 90 seconds;


→ use hot water … simmer in hot water and squeeze with rubber gloves to prevent scalding (rubber gloves over cotton gloves may be safer).

– Apply it to the affected part. Temperature should be higher than a comfortable, but of course lower than scalding temperature.

– Warm up the same towel after it has cooled down ( approximately 3 to 5 minutes)

– Lay it on the affected area again. Repeat several times.

Notes and cautions

· Please be careful not to scald yourself. If the skin becomes dark or hard, please stop right away until the skin returns. If the temperature is too high, it causes low-temperature scalding.

· The essence of Steamed Towel Method is to naturally cool down over 3 to 5 minutes and to spend some time while warming the same towel again. This wave of temperature change precisely induces the pump motion. Please distinguish this from other methods of warming up continuously with hot packs etc.

· Do not practice this method immediately after bruising, or when there is a possibility of torn blood vessels.

· Please stop using this method when you feel some kind of discomfort.

· Please refrain from this method while taking recreational drugs or alcohol, as the reactions are unpredictable.

The aim of the Steamed Towel Method is to maximize the natural healing power in the human body.

Please believe your internal power and give it a try, and if you feel that it exceeds the limit of your capacity, just consult a specialist. After that, combined usage with treatment and this method will greatly help your recovery.