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Massage by FUJIKAWA

Seitai massage

A whole body massage with firm pressure to release muscle tension. Seitai stimulates the blood circulation which helps to soothe muscle pain and increase the function of the parasympathetic nerve system. This results in making you feel relaxed and relieved. The seitai sessions are given with the client fully clothed.

60 minutes 60 euro (from feet to shoulders)

30 minutes 35 euro (only for targeted areas of the body)

90 minutes 85 euro (from feet to head)

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Oil massage

Body Oil and expert massage techniques to ensure relaxation and relief in areas of tension.

Price of seitai massage + 10 euro

★Only available for female customers.

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Reflexology (foot massage)

Foot massage also increases blood flow to keep you relaxed. Dull or cramped areas of the feet may feel better after a massage.

30 minutes 35 euro (feet)

45 minutes 45 euro (from feet to knees)

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Exfoliation, deep cleansing and various massage techniques provide intensive nourishment of your skin.

30 minutes 50 euro
cleansing → facial massage→finishing

60 minutes 80 euro
clavicle & shoulder massage→cleansing→facial massage→finishing→head massage


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Combination menu

It's also possible to combine the treatments from the above menu. Please consult with me and I will advise you a a combination that suits your condition.

Examples of combinations

Seitai massage 30 minutes & Reflexology 30 minutes 70 euro

Seitai massage 60 minutes & Facial 30 minutes 110 euro

Refelxology 30 minutes & Facial 60 minutes 115 euro

Oil massage 60 minutes & Facial 30 minutes 120 euro

About Fujikawa

  • Obtained Seitai and reflexology license at The Shibuya Total Body Academy in Tokyo.
  • Worked as massage therapist at the hotel spa of Prince Park Tower Tokyo.
  • Started as therapist in Amsterdam, specialized in Seitai massage, oil treatment, reflexology and facial treatments.

Fujikawa's availability

Mondays from 10:00 to 20:00
Sundays from 9:30 to 18:00

★Only available at our Amstelveen salon

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